Thursday, March 15, 2007

Take That loses patience

It might be they believe they are the "biggest fans of Take That's music" who are ramming the songs into a musical, but it's not mutual, it appears: Take That have cooled on their original encouragement for the project - and even the people involved are a little surprised it's going ahead:

A show source said: “The announcement was as much a shock to some of the production team as it was to Take That. The band didn’t want it going ahead like this and tried to stop it.”

Show producer Tristan Baker said: “The show is going ahead. The band are currently not involved but the door is always open.”

Take That put a statement on their website saying: “The band wish their fans and the general public to know this production is absolutely and 100 per cent nothing to do with Take That.”

Apart, of course, from the royalties they'll be making. Distance if it's a failure; cash if it's a success. Bit of a win-win.