Sunday, March 11, 2007

This week just gone

Seven days of doing stuff on No Rock and Roll Fun.

The ten most-peered at individual pages:

1. Heather Mills - who actually wants to see her with no clothes on, anyway?
2. Or R Kelly on video having sex with an underage girl?
3. Or Lily Allen slipping out of her underwear?
4. Or McFly with their dicks out?
5. Is KT Tunstall gay? Or is she just dressed that way?
6. RIP: Brad Delp from Boston
7. Mark E Smith at 50: The Fall on YouTube
8. Jo O'Meara: Pity me
9. Mariah Carey's Playboy cover
10. Damon Albarn says his band, The Good The Bad and The Queen, doesn't have a name

Also this week: Beth Ditto explained how radical Britney Spears is for having a mental breakdown; the first night of the Arcade Fire UK tour ended in a health and safety nightmare; Ricky Wilson had an unquiet night; the current Pope condemned the last Pope for hanging out with Dylan and Louise Whatusedtobeineternal went on a crash diet to discover that not eating is bad for you.

Five years ago this week: Akash claimed to be the most erotic band in the world; they dribbled to an end a few months later; the government took two pages in NME to ask "what do you know about cocaine?" - presumably Pete Doherty will have his answer ready in a couple of weeks; Nerve magazine worried that Britney Spears market-driven virginity would cause problems; Courtney Love got an email from Christina Aguilera and wasn't impressed and 6Music came on air with Ash.

We pointed out these things, in the shops:

That's BBC1's trailers sorted for soundtracks for the next 12 months, then - Arcade Fire's Neon Bible

Hello, Bird of Music. Bonjour, Au Revior Simone

The criminally under-rated Idlewild try their luck again with Make Another World

Grinderman. Or Nick Cave does Tin Machine

It's always amused us that Asian Dub Foundation could find a home at EMI. They reach best of time.

Poor Tracey Thorn/ Ben Watt's all gone/throwing But The Girl in to doubt/she don't care /about the band/'cause she's got a solo one out

Ry Cooder attempts to conflate the US' white-collar backbone with a grumpy cat

Could there be any bigger risk to a legacy than an all-new Stooges album?

...oh, yes: Fox-hunting Bryan Ferry does Bob Dylan

Two year's worth of Electric Prunes from their Reprise years

We still miss Kill Laura, you know. Jane Weaver's latest solo