Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's called The Good, The Bad and The Queen, isn't it?

Damon Albarn apparently hadn't given a name to his new band, Untitled Blur B-Sides Project. But nobody noticed, and have been calling it The Good, The Bad and The Queen. So now he's clearing his throat to draw attention to how clever he is:

"We don't have a name for the band. Isn't it sort of more important that the quality of something is inspirational - as opposed to just categorising everybody as the same thing? That’s all it really is," he told the Daily Record. "And if that’s pretentious, then I have to accept that."

We love that half-defensive, half-proud final sentence. Albarn dreams of being thought clever enough to be pretentious. He's probably already sending the clipping to Pseud's Corner just so he can cut it out and stick it in his scrapbook. Under a picture of Clement Freud.


Anonymous said...

talking about the queen, have you signed this http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/goldanthem/ isn't it about bloody time!!! 2489 sigs and counting

Chris Brown said...

I remember him making a similar point around the time he released the 'Herculean' single. So why did that have The Good The Bad And The Queen written on the front of it, Damo?

Anonymous said...

get it here:


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