Sunday, March 11, 2007

Your Dad thinks your need a break, Amy

We're not entirely sure which approach to parenting suggests that the best way to help a child in distress is to talk to a newspaper gossip column, but since it "worked" for Robbie's Mum, Mitch Winehouse:

Mitch added that Amy, 23, was burnt-out and her voice "close to collapse" as she jetted off to New York in her bid to break the American market.

Worried Mitch, who is flying to the Big Apple to join Amy for crisis talks, said: "I'm not ruling out rehab. Amy needs a break. They don't send you to rehab just because you've broken up with someone. There are other things. Amy needs a rest. Her workload is absolutely manic.

"She's an emotional girl. Her schedule has caused problems with Alex. He wants to see her. I don't know if that's the reason for the break-up - but wouldn't you want to see your boyfriend now and again?

"Bosses are aware of the problem. Amy was upset she couldn't do it but you can't ring 2,000 people and say don't come."

We're sure there's nothing like seeing her Dad detailing her Network Rail of a life in the public prints to help her pick up her spirits. Or at least a large glass of red.