Thursday, April 12, 2007

Adams turned away from Stonehenge

Ryan Adams' planned gig at Stonehenge has been called off after English Heritage worried that it might awaken unquiet spirits in the Wiltshire countryside, and/or lead to people stopping their cars on the A33 to watch, causing accidents.

Ryan Adams? Hard as it may be to believe, but people were going nuts for the tickets:

"We are very sorry that Ryan Adams will not be able to perform at Stonehenge, but the demand for tickets was both unprecedented and unforeseen, and we have to put public safety first," explained Stonehenge director Peter Carson.

He added: "We have worked with Salisbury International Arts Festival to try and identify a suitable alternative, and have offered to make available another English Heritage site, but we appreciate that it would be hard to find an appropriate substitute for such a unique venue."

Oh, god forbid that Adams might be forced to move his gig to a venue that isn't a world heritage site. I mean, how awful would it be if he just had to play out in the Wiltshire countryside or something?

Actually, they should have shifted him a mile or so up the road to the less-impressive Woodhenge - there's plenty of parking there. Or how about Salisbury Plain firing range? We'd pay money to see that.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Ryan Adams. and after years of people saying who's he? it seems I am not alone.I am gutted he won't be coming to Stonehenge and can only summise by remarks like that you have never seen the live concerts by the genius himself.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

You've had conversations with people who haven't heard of him for years? Really? I find that difficult to believe - surely his profile has been high enough since the late 90s that, unless you're hanging out with High Court Judges or something, I can't imagine where you'd be finding people who might not have heard of him.

And, actually, nope - never seen him live. Which isn't through any dislike, it's just I've never been in a position where he's been doing a gig I've been able to get to.

I'm not quite sure what you've actually got the hump about - indeed, so grumpy you are about nothing I suspect you may well be Ryan Adams hiding under your notably exceptional thin skin and a cloak of anonymity.

Was it our surprise that there are so many people keen to see Adams in the middle of Wiltshire that it's deemed a health and safety risk? But this is Stonehenge - at Easter they cope with something like 18,000 visitors, and I can't believe that demand for Adams tickets was that high.

Chris Brown said...

Is is just me, or does that not make any sense anyway? Surely you decide the number of tickets when you organise the gig, and if more people want to go than that, some of them can't.

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