Monday, April 09, 2007

Another night at the Ballet?

Although there's been courtroom-centered falling outs, more bad blood than a donor drive in a junkie neighbourhood and a noticeable lack of public demand, Tony Hadley has suggested there might, one day, be a Spandau Ballet reunion:

"There'll have to be an awful lot of things remedied because things did get personal and it went a bit too far.

"The next window of opportunity that I see would be our 30th anniversary, in about four years' time."

The last "window of opportunity" (and we're taking 'opportunity' in the sense of 'a way of doing it so it doesn't look like a desperate cash-in', of course) would have been Live 8, when Gary Kemp approached Haldey about doing something. To Africa's relief, Hadley harrumphed off, swinging his giant overcoat closed behind him.

We personally feel that the Spands should only get back together if the promise to strip naked and smear themselves in Dulux, like with the Paint Me Down video. Otherwise... it'd just be that bloke out of EastEnders and his old mates, wouldn't it?

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