Monday, April 02, 2007

Band! Band for sale!

What do you do when your band runs out of... well, everything? You could just give up and move on, but if your band has been manufactured in the first place, why not just sell it on, like you would a TV which you no longer need?

That's what Rednex are doing - they're on the market:

Just when the world's high society is running out of football teams to buy, ideas for extravagant vehicles to build or available seats on space travel, luckily for them the music business comes to the rescue! It sets a bizarre milestone in terms of what its artistry can offer and what hobbies can be provided for the rich and hungry.

Buying a pop band opens up opportunities to make a hayload of money and peek behind the scenes of an exclusive branch. Rednex is touring around the world, making dozens of TV & Radio performances yearly, doing shows at galas, sport arenas and festivals, from city celebrations in front of 1 million people to orphanages, and even for royalty at their private palaces in front of 30 people.

That's a little vague, isn't it? A royal performance at Windsor is somewhat different from, say, doing a turn for ex-King Constantine of Greece.

The sting in the tale? They're flogging them on eBay, and the opening bid they're looking for is one and a half million dollars.

You don't have to be Kirstie and Phil to see that that is terribly overvalued, especially in a world where you can give a few thousand to Pete Wentz and own Fall Out Boy for the afternoon. One and a half million to own Rednex?

Unsurprisingly, there are no bids.

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