Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bits of busted Busted still washing up on the shores

We really thought that we'd seen the last of Fightstar, Charlie Simpson's reaction to be being freed from pretending to be a 14 year-old from the suburbs of Surrey through pretending to be a fourteen year old boy from the suburbs of Ohio.

But, no, apparently Fighstar are returning, although with a fine eye on their position in pop's marketplace, they're giving away their comeback single, 99:

"The inspiration behind '99' was based on the fact that you should cherish the seconds you have with the people you love when they are there, and not take them for granted," explained frontman Charlie Simpson of the track. "Because when they are gone, you won't have the chance to, and you will be left with the haunting thought that you could have."

It's a good point. One of the ways you can cherish those seconds is not by wasting 180 of them listening to Fightstar singles. You'll never get them back.


Anonymous said...

Fightstar are a good band getting better. They have a strong, and increasingly mature, fan base. Grand Unification was a terrific first album which has sold well for its genre. Live they have little competition. Initial USA sales look excellent (released there last week). I'm afraid commentators like you who think they will get some cheap kudos by knocking the band and referring to the distant Busted past only show their total ignorance. Grow up or go out and play.

Anonymous said...

Step away from the computer Victor- your mum says tea's ready.

Spence said...

I'm more terrified by the fact that Son Of Dork are touring again.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...


Their fan base would be getting increasingly mature - everyone, after all, is getting older.

Busted are hardly in the "distant past" - after all, it was less than 18 months ago that they called it a day, and until one of them does something that's bigger than Busted, that's going to be what they're known for - after all, Pat Phoenix had been out of Corrie for years when she died but they still called her "Coronation Street's Elsie Tanner" rather than describing her in relation to her role in Constant Hot Water.

But I'm not "knocking the band by referring to" Busted, anyway - I'm quite happily calling them a terribly well-meaning waste of everybody's time and efforts on their own somewhat lacking merits.

Grand Unification shipped 40,000 copies, which is laughable considering the amount of press they got - clearly, Island records thought so as they couldn't drop 'em fast enough. That it took over a year before they could find anyone prepared to give it a release in the US says quite a lot, don't you think?

Spence: Oh, lord... can't someone offer them retraining or something?

Anonymous said...

Busted are hardly in the "distant past" - after all, it was less than 18 months ago that they called it a day...
but when you're twelve and a half, 18 months can seem like a very very very very very very very very very very long time...

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