Friday, April 20, 2007

Cooper Temple Crawls away

Plans for the Cooper Temple Clause to turn up at the Camden Crawl have fallen through. Last night, it was it unforeseen circumstances; as you can't not foresee the same thing happening twice, it's plain old exhaustion. Presumably whatever circumstances they'd failed to foresee last night turned out to be tiring. The statemented in's direction:

"We're all gutted about having to pull out of the Camden Crawl and would have loved to be there with everyone," they explained. "However, over four months of constant touring worldwide has left us physically and emotionally exhausted and we didn't feel it would have been fair on the punters to put on a sub-standard show.

"We all need to get some rest and regroup but we'll be back with bells on soon."

We're not sure if they were afraid of a substandard show on their terms, or those of the average man in the street. It's the "emotionally exhausted" bit that makes us go 'hmm', to be honest.

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DJ Samba said...

This story pleases me greatly due to a combination of my love for the coopers and lack of camden crawl ticket.

"Emotional Exhaustion" probably translates to "failed to make an impact on the charts again despite working our arses off". Which again, is a shame. They're on of the most underated bands. Ever.

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