Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Explosions beaten out by extreme weather

Explosions in the Sky have had to axe their Manchester and Glasgow gigs following the storms in the North Eastern US:

We're sad to say that, on account of some insanely severe storms that have been hammering the eastern seaboard of the US, we have had to cancel our Glasgow and Manchester shows. Air traffic here in the States has been backed up quite a bit and our flights yesterday were called off. However, we have new flights planned and we will be making it in time for the London show.

Both of these cancelled shows will be rescheduled and we will post any information about the new dates as soon as we have them confirmed.

We have only missed two shows in the entire eight years we've been a band so this is certainly not something we take lightly. We are truly sorry.

So, no Explosions in the Sky because they couldn't get into the sky because of explosions in the sky, then.

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