Thursday, April 19, 2007

James Morrison outraged

James Morrison is fuming - a-huffing and a-puffing - over people who collect autographs to flog on eBay:

"They are not fans, just vultures who want your autograph to sell it. It's just a chance to profit - they don't even look at you when you do sign for them."

Don't worry, James - judging by the lack of any bids at all on 'james morrison signed' items on eBay right now, they won't be bothering you very much longer.


James said...

Wonder if he gets asked to sign a lot of Doors alums? I suppose *technically* if you then flogged them on eBay, you wouldn't actually be lying...

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the scoop on who james is dating these days. i hear mixed reviews....some say it is still jill and some say it's a russian actress, who lives in la. i think her name is lana. not sure of her last name. anyone know?
james is so talented!!! and he's HOT.

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