Saturday, April 14, 2007

Jamie T chases his own tale

Jamie T can play the bass guitar. But he chooses not to on stage. Which is simple enough, but manages to get him caught in some sort of knots:

"I could if I practised, but I like running around and strumming. The bass is meant to stand still. Plus I don't like the idea of looking like Sting. That's uncool.

[Sting's solo material] makes me wanna be sick, but hey he's good, he's good..."

Perhaps Jamie T enjoys being sick?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. T certainly has raised a good point here... the number one reason against being a bass player is Sting... Then again he's also in the top ten reasons not join a band... or listen to music... Actually he just sorta puts me off life... That's why I hid from him... far away... hidden deep within some music I never thought he'd get near... Then unbelievably he ruined John Dowland for me too!!

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