Friday, April 20, 2007

Laverne's loss is Zane's gane

After the somewhat abrupt departure of Lauren Laverne from the XFM Breakfast Show, Alex Zane has been given the job. He, however, won't be ready to start until the end of May.

They could have planned this somewhat better, couldn't they?


CarsmileSteve said...

so, what's all this about then, why has lauren left? i was assuming that she might be preggers, but this is pure speculation.

ALSO, what am i meant to listen to of a morning now??? lauren was aces...

James said...

I really enjoyed what I heard of her show too. I read an interview with her just after she'd got the job, and it was heartening stuff. She said she aimed to move away from the wacky zany loudmouth morning-zoo breakfast format, and that her show would be more influenced by Wogan (her own words).

It was a joy to hear that someone believed you could present a show aimed at the under-50s without having to bellow every link, employ seven guffawing lackeys and talk about nothing but Big Brother and lapdancers. And you know what? She did a brilliant job of it too. It was a wonderfully laid-back, funny show.

Ah well. Alex Zane then. Yay.

DJ Samba said...

It was a shame about Lauren, from what i've seen of her on telly and the little i've listened on the radio, she seemed better than most (although that's a low bar to set).

Must admit, i'd be very tempted to tune into Alex Zane. Bit of a leg-end IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Surely we should be campaigning to get Lauren sacked from every job she holds at the moment, in the hope of a Kenickie reunion?

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