Thursday, April 19, 2007

Malawi misery for Madonna

If the idea of this week's media circus in Malawi was to try and claw back some positive coverage for the work the Madonna-fronted Kabbalah charity is doing amongst the vulnerable of the nation, it's not going well. Indeed, if we were in charge of the cash-hungry cult, we might wonder if we it might not be better casting around for someone a little better at engaging with the public. The local press is still trying to be polite, but...:

The Daily Times newspaper said it backed Madonna's pledge to help the impoverished African country.

But in an editorial it added: "Just like her first trip Madonna's second trip to Malawi is also shrouded in secrecy."

Meanwhile, according to The Sun (with all the attendant implications of that phrase), Guy was supposed to be joining in the photo-ops, but hasn't been keen:
A source close to the family said: “Madonna is furious with him.

“They fell out before she left London when he first postponed due to a last-minute meeting. Since then Guy and Madonna have rowed over the phone, screaming and shouting at each other.

“She really hoped Rocco would be with her to see the kids at the orphanage.”

Obviously, Guy is busy working on research for his next film. Those Minder box sets don't watch themselves, you know.

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