Friday, April 13, 2007

Marc Anthony remembers what the five knots tied in his hanky were for

Forgetful Marc Anthony has come to an expensive agreement with the IRS after not filing tax returns for five years. He's going to write a cheque for $2.5million, they're not going to pursue the matter, everyone's blaming the accountant and we can all move on.

Not "move on" in the sense of walking away from his marriage to J-Lo, of course. Her people are busy denying reports the couple have "called it quits":

"(This is) a disgusting story full of lies. We're consulting lawyers."

They've even managed to rustle up a "pal":
"They're inseparable. I don't get a whiff of trouble."

Well, if an unidentified pal hasn't picked up on anything, I think that's pretty conclusive. Sky News doesn't say so, but I think the pal is probably very sensitive to that sort of thing, and would know instantly if anything was wrong. Don't you?

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