Thursday, April 19, 2007

Monkeys put a little oompah-loompah in their step

While it is, of course, interesting that while making their new album the Arctic Monkeys listend to Ricky Martin doing songs about Willy Wonka, we're not entirely sure this justifies the claim that Martin has been an "influence" on the record.

There's a bit of a distance between hearing something, and taking the thing you've heard on board and incorporating themes and motifs into your work. If simply coming into contact with something automatically influenced you, architects would have the perfect excuse for leaving their boyfriends to do the shopping: "I'm sorry, honey, but if I catch site of the Tescos building it's automatically going to influence the work I'm doing on the Scottish Parliament building..."


DJ Samba said...

The Arctic Monkeys were on Xfm Manchester t'other night doing a walk through of all the songs on their album. Considering Alex Turner is one of the "great" lyricists (NME said so so it's true) they really, REALLY sounded like they didn't have a clue.

John Kennedy, who was doing the interview, should be given credit for going on. Every song started with him saying something like "So this song, it sounds like its been written about the people you view as idiots that you've met, now is that about celeberities or people in general?", which was met with a supply of "Um..." and "ah...." followed with a "yeh, erm, both".

I am not over-exaggerating. I assure you. It was painful.

eyetie said...

John Kennedy is the most amazing DJ out there. Despite being given a program at the arse end of the day (10-1 on XFM), he manages to sound positive about every act whether they're huge or just released their first single. He truly is the inheritor of John Peel's anorak.

Anonymous said...

That's okay if every act is worth being positive about - Mark Goodier used to be positive about everyone too but he was just a twat.

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