Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More joined-up thinking from the Daily Mail

Visitors to the Mail's website can read the harrowing story of Tina Stock, who discovered her husband's child porn collection by accident - she stumbled across sexualised images of a seventeen year-old, which prompted her to dig further and discover more hardcore pictures.

On the side of the article, there's a link to another piece: about Pixie Geldof, which promises:

Pixie Geldof makes a splash when she walks around London in what is possibly the world's shortest dress

and then, in the 'article' itself, allows itself to drool:
She's obviously so delighted to be out of school, rebellious Pixie Geldof has gone that one step further and ventured out minus a skirt.

The 16-year-old was seen strutting out-and-about in London, in what seemed the world's shortest dress.

So short in fact, her underwear was visibly noticeable from behind.

Let's hope no partners stumble in and discover their husbands looking at Mail's sexualised images of sixteen year-olds.

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