Monday, April 09, 2007

MySpace - not a sales place

Does a huge number of MySpace friends guarantee a massive payday if you start selling songs through the embedded music store?

No, reports Digital Music News:

In a discussion with Digital Music News on Friday, Chantelle [Paige] manager Gabi Kochlani of GK Entertainment noted that sales were "very low" on Snocap, despite a front door feature on MySpace.

Instead, the traffic shifted towards the iTunes Store, a more well-worn avenue for downloading music. "iTunes is part of pop culture these days," Kochlani said. "People already have their credit card on iTunes, it's just a matter of convenience," said Kochlani, who also pointed to a consumer "comfort zone" on iTunes.

In other words, what Rupert Murdoch appears to own is a site which is going to work very nicely creating a buzz... and then directing customers off to Apple. Looks like he's going to have to rely on those irritating buzzing adverts for a while longer to turn a profit from the site.

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