Wednesday, April 18, 2007


We're hearing rumours from a couple of places that Popworld's Pulp magazine has been axed on the day of its second issue.

Certainly, the website is currently returning the following:

Permission Denied

Error Code: 3

We're not sure if this is a terrible shame or not - we couldn't find it on sale anywhere in MK - but it was something of an inevitability. Didn't the pop-fortnightly incarnation of Raw last for two issues as well?


Anonymous said... is up and running now...

James said...

Oh dear. You know what they should do? Relaunch Popworld Pulp with a new interactive social networking website which lets people build their own homepages, write blogs, share tracks and upload user-generated content.

Today's teens haven't got enough of those to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Pulp is still getting to grips with Web 1.0, never mind 2.0. Maybe they should walk before they run?

DJ Martian said...

useless magazine closes:

Popworld Pulp bombs after just two issues

Anonymous said...

“The unpalatable truth, however, is that despite an extensive marketing campaign and a substantial news-trade distribution investment that saw 130,000 copies in stores in week one, sales have undershot by so significant a margin as to render the project unviable.”

I dunno where the extensive marketing campaign was carried out but it sure as hell never reached Newcastle. As for the mag, there wasn't much in the first one barring huge, uninspiring pictures and about twenty words of text.

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