Friday, April 06, 2007

Sgt Pepper Knew My Grandfather

In what we like to think of as an attempt to mark the 20th anniversary of the NME's Sgt Pepper Knew My Father album, a bunch of bands are going to record one track each from the Beatle's Sgt Pepper collection. Razorlight, James Morrison, The Fratellis, and Travis are all involved - no Frank Sidebottom or Wedding Present this time round - and the Kaiser Chiefs are on board. Despite them never having met John Lennon.


Anonymous said...

How cool, and it's not for a good cause, just something fun to do that they may have actually been influenced by and maybe Kaiser Chiefs liked the Beatles like most people did. Rather than doing something for some money grabbing, publicity hungry royal dead whore. Yay.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i'm back again. I was listening myself to the Sgt Pepper album as well as all the other Beatles albums. Not sitting down watching re-runs of Dianas hideous marriage to Prince Charles or anything remotely like that. Odd what people are influenced by eh..

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Ha ha - I see what you did there, Nat. But I'm a little confused as to who you think is "watching reruns of Diana's hideous marriage" to Charles - although, to be honest, I think a recreation of that (perhaps Borrell as the Chinless Windsor, Lady Sovereign as Lady Diana and Russell Brand taking the Runcie role) might be a little more inspired than another bunch of Beatles covers.

You still seem to completely misunderstand my reaction to Wilson's reason for not playing the Diana benefit, that it's the right decision for the wrong reason. Mind you, you seem unable to decide if you think Diana was a royal or not (comparing your 9.35 post with this one), so perhaps that's not surprising.

I'm a little disappointed that you choose to label a money grabbing, publicity hungry royal dead whore. The first six words are almost inarguable. But "whore"? Why, because she enjoyed sex? No wonder you enjoy listening to Beatles albums - it sounds like your attitudes are stuck in the early 60s as well.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Oh, and I'm back again. John Lennon and Diana Spencer are actually pretty similar:

Both their childhood homes are open to the public.

Both are terribly overrated.

Both rely for their fame on a partnership (Macca/Chuck)

Both died in a horrible way, both before their time.

Both their deaths caused a bunch of people to overstate their grief in public.

Anonymous said...

Ooh i like you!
Hello - John Lennon wasn't the only Beatle, there was Paul McCartney. Ring Starr. George Harrison. And everyone knows Paul wrote most of the Sgt Pepper album & who knows, maybe Kaiser Chiefs met Paul McCartney once and really liked him and because they were influenced by the Beatles decided to do one song. Wow, real issues there.
Yeah, i enjoy 60's music. And 70's music. And 80's music. And 90's music. And indie & rock music now. And classical music from the Baroque era. I'm not one dimensional love. Better than the pussycat dolls and such like - do not get me started on them! I don't have a problem with her being a whore, it's her staunch supporters making it out like she wasn't! She was royal, then she wasn't but still more royal than me. Big difference btw Prince of Wales & Princess - they fucking hated each other for a start, and didn't tend to involve each other too much in each others stuff especially in the last few years of the marriage & no one here recognises Diana as having played any kind of real role in the Princes Trust. It's always been a charles thing. Really.
I think as with most people who die their memory can be kept alive by family members & those that knew and loved them - as they should. Why does the rest of the world have to do this as well, and why should anyone be faulted if they choose not to do so and say it? At least he had to guts to do so. This is my basic point. Get it?

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