Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shh... it's a secret

Only, of course, the Secret Garden Party is about as secret as we are. Still, the promised line-up for the event is pretty delicious:

Das Pop
The Noisettes
New Young Pony Club
Drive By Argument
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Little Barrie
Echo And The Bunnymen
The New York Fund
Fujiya & Miyagi
Of Montreal
The Sunshine Underground
Rilo Kiley
Prince Buster
I'm From Barcelona
Terry Reid
Hafdis Huld
Rock Kills Kid
Ali Love
The Whip
Wall Of Sound
South Central
Keren Ann

The whole thing takes place between July 26 and 29th, in John Major's old constituency of Huntingdon. Does anyone know if Huntingdon station still has its beautiful independent newsagents/coffee shop?

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Anonymous said...

Not sure about the independent shop, but I can confirm that Huntingdon station did have a modern-looking coffee 'kiosk' built out the front, which soon burnt down in mysterious circumstances. Hope this helps...

Are Drive By Arguement named after the brilliant Family Guy joke, by the way? Hope so.

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