Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ticketmaster find a new cash cow

Jona emails us to bring a new scam to our attention:

I just received an email promising me first go at tickets for the Somerset House gigs, which sound quite enjoyable:

Thursday 12 July Mogwai in surround sound
Friday 13 July Kasabian
Saturday 14 July Bert Jansch featuring Beth Orton and Bernard Butler
Sunday 15 July Guillemots
Monday 16 July Lily Allen
Tuesday 17 July Mika
Wednesday 18 July Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Thursday 19 July The Roots
Friday 20 July Amy Winehouse
Saturday 21 July Hot Chip

Ok, Mogwai and Hot Chip sound enjoyable. Anyway. I was expecting it to be expensive (I'm still paying off the loan for Sigur Ros in 2005), but I certainly didn't expect TicketMaster's £22.50 ticket, £3 'service charge' per ticket, and then the traditional delivery costs.

£2 postage. Ok, I've seen worse. Maybe I can collect it, or perhaps there's some sort of e-ticketing system. Ah, here we go:

ticketFast: NOW (Recommended) £2.00. The quickest delivery method available. Tickets delivered via email so that you can print them out yourself!

! indeed.

Yes, you read the correctly: if you save Ticketmaster the cost of an envelope and a stamp, and use your own ink and paper to print the ticket, Ticketmaster will still charge you exactly the same for 'delivery' as if they were sending you the tickets in an envelope.

We're not even sure what the three quid service charge is meant to cover under these circumstances - you're buying an electronic ticket, from a computer. How does that entail three pounds worth of Ticketmaster's time?


CarsmileSteve said...

the little elves that make the computer work need their nettle tea and acorn bread innit...

the "£25" carter tickets were actually more than £30 each after service charge and unavoidable sms delivery charge. frankly ticketb@stard are appalling...

ian said...

Jona's idea of fun seems contrary to say the least. Jona: would you like to buy instructions for gouging your own eyes out. Only £2.

At least Ticketmaster's website works consistently and reliably unlike certain other grasping bastards, associated with a large festival, whose name seems to be missing a U and an N.

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