Monday, April 16, 2007

Universal sends tracks out, naked, into the world

Universal has launched a typically nervous attempt at selling tracks without any DRM, putting a few classical titles up for retailers to offer in the DRM-free format of their own choice. Presumably they think that people who enjoy opera would never steal music as they're inherently honest - look at that nice Conrad Black, for example.

Meanwhile, Amazon have rejigged their plans to flog MP3s - last year's plans to sell its own music player were junked after Microsoft suddenly hung PlaysForSure out to dry as it rushed to launch the Zune. There's meant to be a launch of a new service next month, but it looks as if arguments over Amazon's push for a lower wholesale price and reluctance on the part of Sony-BMG and Warners to get involved could still significantly cut the number of tracks on offer.

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