Friday, May 11, 2007

Allen a day's work

"I get along with the paparazzi: they give me cigarettes and money for parking meters.

I used to hate being papped, but they aren't going to leave me alone so I might as well just get along with them.

Yes, they intrude on my personal life, but that's the industry and it's legal."

- Lily Allen, ContactMusic, 10th May, 2007

Gobby pop star LILY ALLEN is being investigated by police following complaints by a photographer of alleged assault.

The 22-year-old faces arrest after an incident which left paparazzo Kevin Rush with a bruised and bleeding nose, along with an imprint of Lily's gold sovereign ring in his face, according to the Daily Mail.

Lily allegedly lunged forward and hit the photographer during an incident in March, when she left a party and was making her way to the Groucho club in London's Soho.

- ContactMusic, 11th May, 2007

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