Saturday, May 05, 2007

Beth en Vogue

Beth Ditto has given an inteview to Vogue which, with her typical tendency to see herself as the centre of things, she has decided must be historic:

“This is probably the first time a chunky person has made it into Vogue, right?”

Although doubtless we'll hear in a couple of months how that was a misquote.

Meanwhile, Victoria Newton is thrilled:
Long may it continue, I reckon.

Beth is far more interesting than most of the skinny airheads who usually make it into the posh glossy.

We're not sure what she wants to "continue" long - Beth Ditto in Vogue? Fashion magazines covering generation two Bis bands? - but it's great to hear that Victoria finds skinny airheads boring.

Having said which, the big splashes on Bizarre this morning are "Britney lapdances for Lindsay Lohan" and "Paris goes to jail", which presumably she's headlining despite finding the "skinny airheads" less interesting than the Ditto story, buried way down below the fold.