Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Boys Are Back In Town. Except the dead one, obviously.

Thin Lizzy have just announced a slew of tour dates around the UK, apparently unencumbered by their lead singer having drugged himself off to heaven twenty years ago. The part of the irreplaceable Phil Lynott is, of course, irreplaceable, but as they need someone to do the words, they've got a bloke in off the market. Not really, of course: John Sykes is doing vocals.

This isn't unprecedented, of course, as the band regrouped with Sykes on vocals back in 1996, to "mark" the tenth anniversary of Lynott's death and have been popping up, on and off, ever since. reports:

The band have promised to play a host of hits, including 'Whiskey In The Jar' and 'The Boys Are Back In Town'.

Reassuring, just in case you thought they might be something other than a bunch trading on past glories by working their old classics to death.

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Anonymous said...

More like the boy (middle-aged man/whatever) is back in town - according to Wikipedia only Scott Gorham is left from the 'classic' lineup.
The official website doesn't seem to list band members - odd that.

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