Friday, May 11, 2007

Debbie Harry's charmed life

As if the story of surviving one maniac - Ted Bundy - wasn't enough, now it turns out Debbie Harry also has a tale about coming face-to-face with not convicted of any crime as of this moment gun love Phil Spector:

"He pulled a gun, that notorious thing he does. He stuck it in my boot. And he went 'Bang.'

I thought, 'Get me out of here! I want to go home!'

It's his schtick, you know but why a person would be walking around carrying a .45 automatic in their home... and now he's finally gone and done it."

Or maybe not, depending on what the jury thinks. Let's hope Debbie doesn't now find herself besieged by bloodthirsty NRA gunophiles explaining that if everyone walked around their homes carrying 45s, then Pearl Harbour would never have happened, or some equally guff-like guff.


Neil Stewart said...

Sorry to ruin your intro to this post, but the "Debbie Harry nearly abducted by Ted Bundy" story is a hoax:

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's not so much a hoax as something else. Harry believes she was nearly one of Bundy's victims - unlike, say, Charles Manson who didn't ever think he'd tried to become a Monkee...

Neil Stewart said...

Correct, sorry, should have read the article properly before posting! I think there is an element of Harry exaggerating for effect, though.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean old school graffitti artist Fab 5 Freddy didn't tell her "everybody's fly"? Maybe it was only "most people are fly"

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