Friday, May 11, 2007

Like a Daydream? Ride reunion rumours rise, rebuffed

In what is a slightly less than fraternal approach to the news, is denying a story carried by sister magazine website Uncut reports that Andy Bell is on the point of bringing about a Ride reunion; NME talks to Dave Newton, the band's manager, who suggests it isn't going to happen:

"This point in time would be the least likely for this kind of thing to happen - they're all very busy at the moment with individual commitments and very full schedules. Having said that, if the organisers of NXNW want to get in touch with an offer, I'd have to put it to the boys."

Which is a pity - we'd quite like a Ride reunion, providing Andy Bell's current boss can be persuaded not to turn up and spoil things.

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CarsmileSteve said...

but who'll manage the Reading Habitat if Steve goes off to tour the world????

(info may be out of date, but that's certainly where he was 4/5 years ago)

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