Friday, May 25, 2007

Group hug: The Police reconnect

There's something of a gushing piece in today's Mail, where The Police are gathered together and warned that anything they say may be taken down and used to make them look really fabulous. Chris Iley grants them a straight face for even the most eye-watering moments:

Coming back together is a hugely emotional deal.

Sting tells me that before they went on stage at the Grammys, they all huddled together. "I said: "Look, we are doing this for each other. We have to play for each other.""

After the Grammys, Sting told me: "We grew apart from a vortex of tension. We stopped connecting and I wanted to fix that."

All the ends that were never tied or severed are now being woven back together again.

Indeed, so flattering is Iley that the recent bit of unpleasant for Sting and Trudie is somewhat downplayed:
Trudie is always smiling when she's by his side. They seem truly devoted to one another.

Sting needs her loyalty and he has been equally steadfast with Trudie, who was recently taken to an industrial tribunal by their former chef who alleged unfair dismissal.

This is a curiously sketched version of events - a woman was sacked because she became pregnant, went to a tribunal and won her claim that Styler had broken the law in canning her. Why, I wonder, does Iley not detail this a little more honestly? Surely not because The Police had been given copy approval? Actually, that might be slightly less disturbing than the thought that perhaps Iley or the Mail had elected to take out the nasty truth for themselves.

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Anonymous said...

I heard that the band previewed some new material to label head honchos who were less than excited about the lounge music/free jazz direction that they were embarking on. We want "do doo doo doo, da da da da" Part2 dammit!

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