Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kasabian: British fans are rubbish

Apparently, Kasabian love their European fans more than their British fans because on the continent, they don't think they're third-rate copyists:

Serge said: "I think the fans get us more abroad than in the UK because we don't get any of that crap where we're 'whaaay' lads and we 'ave it and all that."

"The foreign fans listen to the music more and don't call us The Stone Roses or anything.

"I think they get us for who we are, especially in France and places like that. There's no baggage like in the UK."

Serge then conceded that, perhaps, they do dress like 'whaay lads who 'ave it and all that':
"We're just musicians at the end of the day who happen to like wearing good clothes."

So, this seems to boil down to Serge thinking that British fans don't - oh yes - give Kasabian the respect he feels they deserve. But perhaps fewer people would describe Kasabian as third-generation xeroxes if, erm, they weren't third-generation xeroxes.

We imagine that Serge is also a little confused - the people who call Kasabian here aren't fans; as anyone who's ever criticised Kasabian can testify, there are plenty of British people who are convinced they're the very acme of rock prefection. But in Europe, the only people he's likely to come across are fans - we're not sure how good Pizzorno's French is, but we bet he doesn't spend his time with a Harraps translating general French music websites which are probably just as sceptical as the general UK ones.

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British fans: Kasabian are rubbish

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