Thursday, May 10, 2007

Victoria Newton claims James Morrison "got hammered"

For a gossip columnist who normally has a "cut and paste from the press release" approach to her work, Victoria Newton is taking a strict line with James Morrison. Morrison cancelled his Melbourne date, with apologies:

“I am absolutely gutted I have had to cancel this show in Melbourne.

“I have been looking forward to bringing the band here for so long. I hope to be back in the not too distant future.”

Newton, though, suggests this is a lie:
You’d think popstars could come up with more original excuses than “doctor’s orders”.[...]
Wouldn’t it be really refreshing for a rocker to just say: “You know what? I got hammered on Bundaberg Rum with all the hot chicks in the hotel bar last night.

“Then I woke up with a mouth like a taxi driver’s underpants.”

We wonder why she's decided she no longer needs favours from Morrison or his press team.

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