Monday, May 07, 2007

Radio presenters in hiding

We really hope that there's some plausible explanation that doesn't involve American policemen overstepping the mark, and then carrying on in the same direction, behind the story that two presenters from WKXW in New Jersey have had to go in hiding from the local cops.

Craig Carton & Ray Rossi - who broadcast as the Jersey Guys - fled their studio after hearing New Jersey State Police Union President had objected to a feature they'd done a planned speeding ticket blitz. Now, the objection in itself isn't objectionable, but Jones threatened "retribution" and, oh yeah, gave out the DJs' home addresses.

The pair's employers, Millennium, issued a statement:

"New Jersey 101.5 and Millennium Radio takes threats against its employees and their families very seriously. This afternoon, Davey Jones of the State Police FOP held a very emotional press conference filled with threats against New Jersey 101.5's Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, as well as management and employees of New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio. This form of intimidation and extortion is reprehensible. During his rage, he also made offensive and embarrassing threats against his own state troopers. We are requesting a full investigation from the New Jersey State Police and the Attorney General's office."

New Jersey's attorney general has acceded to demands for a full inquiry

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