Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Run for you lives

Swastika-loving plodders Kula Shaker clearly have used the money from that car advert to get their instruments out of Cash Converters, as they're threatening a tour of the UK. The trip will form part of the run up to the largely unwanted third album.

It's like a poorly conceived sequel to a patchy horror movie, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Did you you know the Vault (music channel on the Sky EPG, somewhere up in the nosebleeds) shows repeats of the ITV Chart Show on Saturday mornings? It's ace viewing.

Anyhow, they showed an episode from 1997-ish last week, featuring Kula Shaker (the video for 'Hush'). It was... Well, let's just say it didn't have me yelling "For god's sake, GET BACK TOGETHER!" at the screen.

It also had great videos for Ant 'n' Dec ('Shout', the moody ballad that I actually quite liked), Symposium's debut and XTC in the Video Vault.

And No Doubt were number 1.

My Life Story were number 34. I used to like them.

mel said...

you uys claearly have no taste and as for largely unwanted take a look at their mysapce plays per day and comments from all over the world , plus the tour has vurtually sold out albeit being small venues , have you seen these guys live ?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Mel... you're making a common mistake here, confusing 'person with different taste to mine' and 'person with no taste'.

But the number of plays on MySpace is a pretty meaningless statistic, isn't it? I've just gone to look at their page - whoop! - and that counts as a play. Whereas really all I was going to see was if it was as bad as I feared.

Nobody is denying that they have a group of hardcore fans - a small group. Like Ocean Colour Scene have. But, in the wider world, they're largely unwanted.

I think I might have seen Kula Shaker live, but if I did, I swear it was by accident. A nasty trick of the festival gods.

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