Monday, May 14, 2007

Rupert Murdoch's online strategy dictates our youth

Be vewy, vewy qwiet... it's a secret Gossip/CSS gig organised by MySpace.

CSS explain the frankly overblown rules for getting into the event (Friday in Manchester Roadhouse):

To be in with a chance of getting into the night, you need to sign up to the Secret Shows profile at, and to our MySpace profiles at and, and put all three profiles in your MySpace 'Top 8' friends.

You then need to show a print out of your MySpace profile to staff at Fopp on Brown Street, Manchester at 6pm on Thursday. The first fans to arrive in store will be able to exchange their profile for a wristband which will get you into the gig and the club night.

They don't say what happens if you don't have any wrists, or if, say, Beth Ditto decides to refuse your new friend request on a whim.


ian said...

My top 8 friends? But we've never even been formally introduced.

Anonymous said...

It's... em... not very secretive, is it?

Maybe I'm old fashioned but it used to be that "secret" meant almost the opposite of advertise-your-gig-on-one-of-the-most-popular-places-in-the-world-and-then-get-people-to-tell-all-their-friends-about-it...
actually come to think of, it didn't that last part used to be what "gossip" meant? oh golly gosh the world is moving too fast for me!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Ian: If people had to know their top 8 friends on MySpace, I suspect most front pages would remain empty.

Anon: It's that new meaning of "secret" - "A promotional event for a multinational company"

Anonymous said...

"If you say we're your bestest friends, we'll let you come to our gig"? Who's in charge of their marketing, Veruca Salt?

And does this mean that when they release their next album, the 'secret' hidden track will come out separately as a download available at a discounted price to anyone who links to it via an affiliate banner on their own site which attracts at least 5000 unique clicks?

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