Thursday, May 10, 2007

They say she's going to awards, baby, she says Mo, Jo, Jo

The nominations for the Mojo Awards - careful: not the Mobo Awards - and it's probably fair to say they're quite a mixed bag. Sorry, did we say "awards"? We mean, of course, the Mojo Honours shortlist.

Amy Winehouse has got three nominations, the Arctic Monkeys have two (so far, this could be the Brits, or the NME awards, at a pinch) while The Gossip, the View, Bob Dylan and Midlake shuffle about further down the list. Apparently, as the BBC have only got highlights and Mojo's own site chooses to say how exciting the launch at HMV was without offering a full shortlist.

The BBC does have a quote, though:

Editor-in-chief Phil Alexander said of Amy Winehouse: "Now the sky is the limit for her. There is nothing that can stop her apart from herself."

We're sure that's just out of context and Alexander isn't really suggesting the only thing that has been holding back Amy Winehouse's career is the lack of an appearance in a chin-rock monthly magazine's awards listings.


Anonymous said...

Is that Phil Alexander who used to edit Kerrang? And who used to present late-night ITV shows 'Pop Down the Pub' and 'Popped In Crashed Out'?

Just wondering. They were great shows.

liquid city said...

yes it is.

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