Saturday, May 19, 2007

Winehouse married - for quarter of a million

How charming - Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielding-Sillymidoff have had a secret wedding in Miami-Dade ("the Hanging Chad County" as it says on their signs). It's been kept secret not for any silly old reasons like privacy or dignity, but because they've flogged the exclusives to some magazine for quarter of a million.

Victoria Newton congratulates herself on the exclusive to fill up the space:

But, as usual, I found out anyway — beating my half-asleep rivals to the story in the process.

Or, rather, a stringer agency in Florida phoned up and told you, Victoria - otherwise, erm, the photos wouldn't have been bought in, would they?

Still, Newton does get an exclusive from the bloke who did the marriage:
Clerk Sammy Calixte, of the marriage license bureau, confirmed: “They came in this morning to get married and they were alone. I read the vows and each one said ‘I do’. When I pronounced them man and wife, they hugged and kissed.”

Youd have thought at least Amy would have said "No no no... oh, alright I do." No sense of occasion, that one.

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Anonymous said...

"My sources say she couldn't wait to take off her white wedding dress though, so she could get Back in Black! (Note to subs - Check the song isn't 'Back to Black' before publishing - I don't want to look a twat again)"

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