Friday, June 01, 2007

Apparently, Noddy Holder wasn't a relative at all

You'll have to forgive us, because this sounds a little like the plot to one of the stories from the Haircut One Hundred comic strip in Look-In. Sir Benjamin Slade has finally finished his search for an heir, and the search took him to Isaac Slade, out The Fray. There's been a DNA match, and now Benjamin is looking for Isaac to move to Bridgewater to take over the family home.

Apparently the upkeep is getting too much for Benjamin so, rather than sell the house, he set out to find a living relative to pass it on to. His idea was to keep it in the family, as the last thing he wanted was for the place to go on the market and end up in the hands of some obscure rock star with more money than sense.


Mind you, Isaac's apparently not some Jagger figure:

Ben, who has no children, said: "I'm over the moon to have found Isaac. He isn't your typical rocker. He doesn't do drugs, he dresses and speaks respectfully.

"He and his wife will stay with us for two nights to get a feel for the place. We're pulling out all the stops - the champagne will flow all night. I want him to fall in love with my house so I can jump ship."

Yes, it's good to know that Isaac isn't some amoral figure, so you can comfortably get him pissed and dump the house on him while he's incapable.