Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blur: Back together by November?

Blur, complete with Graham Coxon, are going back into the studio in November.

Or, possibly, they're not, as this is from Victoria Newton, whose source sounds, well, oddly like a tabloid journalist:

A source said: “They’ve all had lots on, with solo projects, cartoon bands, political campaigns and farming.

“But by the end of summer, their plates will be clear. They’ll go into the studio together in November.”

Eh? Alex James is selling his farm, then, is he? And if their "plates will be clear" (earning them a Little Chef lollipop) at the end of summer, why would they go in to the studio in November?

More importantly, this source fails to engage with the part of this story which would be interesting had it been true - how Graham Coxon has returned to the fold. Because, what with the bitter split and everything, surely it's going to take a little more than Coxon discovering that he's got a couple of free weeks around Guy Fawkes' night.

Newton does make a stab at suggesting a motivation:
Graham has released some excellent albums but without much chart success.

Oh, that'd be it, then: Coxon's desperate to be on the cover of TV Hits.