Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chemical spits in Manson's eyes

The dignified response to Marilyn Manson's tired taunts at My Chemical Romance's expense would have been silence. The honest response, a shrug and an admission that it's a bit like Wal Mart and Safeway arguing over who's the chainiest store.

Instead, Gerard Way has attempted to rise in a battle of blunted wits:

“If Elvis Costello said we sucked we would think about it a bit but usually it is comments from someone with a new record to promote so the remarks ring hollow.

"We still haven't found someone that has knocked us down that we need to take seriously."

Well, no, because anyone who attacks MCR is like a drunk fighting a scarecrow - however seriously the assault might be intended, it's not only pointless but by treating the scarecrow as a valid rival will leave the drunk diminished when he sobers up. It's interesting that Gerard most fears a tongue lashing from Elvis Costello, though. Since he hasn't made a decent album since Gerard was in diapers, it's curious as to where his name came from as a gold standard. We wonder if Gerard plucked it out the good clean air.