Monday, June 11, 2007

Dohety pursued by demons

Pete Doherty might want to calm down a bit, as apparently he's jumped into a press photographer's car claiming he was being chased by demons. Possibly the sort of demons which expect payment in return for merchandise rather than, say, an empath demon.

[Sam] Kelly says, "His eyes were rolling in his head and it looked like he was dribbling. He asked me for a lift and kept saying, 'I'm late' although he never said what for. I could see the sweat pouring off him and he just started mumbling to himself.

He was talking about how he doesn't like people wearing Kate's clothes and how he and Kate want to have kids together.

And he said he is going to be a bigger music legend than Sir Paul MCCartney.

He asked to use my mobile to make a couple of calls. He was talking away on the phone, but I couldn't tell if there was anyone on the other end. When I checked the phone later the number he had dialled wasn't recognised. Pete carried on mumbling until I slowed for a corner, then he just jumped out and ran off. He was in a real state."

That's definitely Sam Kelly the photographer and, sadly, not Denis Waterman's co-star from On The Up, I'm afraid.