Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dublin says no to Bono

Bono and The Edge's plans to expand the Clarence hotel, the place they own on the Liffey, have had a bit of a knock back after people who actually live in Dublin have objected:

in a letter to Dublin city council, published in the magazine Building Design, Michael Smith, the former chairman of the heritage group An Taisce, accused Bono and his co-owners of having a “fetish for glamour”. “The days of grateful fawnings over international – or in this case intergalactic – architecture on Dublin’s landmark sites should be over,” he wrote.

Bono's plans were to slap a glass roof in the shape of a Viking Long Boat on the top of the building, to, erm, emphasise the Viking heritage of the city or something. Or maybe he's just bought a company that makes glass viking long boats.

Funnily enough, we stayed in the Clarence a few years back - the glamour of the venue included the need for the fire brigade to come out when people tried to use the lift, and having to put the duvet over the radiator as - since it wouldn't turn off - it was the only way to stop heat pumping into the room. Still, the restaurant was certainly priced for glamour.