Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fratellis retain some dignity

Well done, The Fratellis, for having the balls to say no to the offer to record the official song for David Beckham's first US soccer match:

"We were like, 'No fucking way'. It would have got us noticed, of course, but we'd have lost our self-respect.

"We've turned down a huge list of ridiculous things like that. We're not a bunch of travelling salesmen. If we don't get successful on our own terms then we won't do it at all."

Of course, the real question is why does David Beckham's LA Galaxy debut need an official song? It's not really a momentous event, is it? They could just use The Pretenders' How Much Did You Get For Your Soul if they really need a tune.


Unknown said...

bit of hypocrisy there, seeing as they have an ipod advert to thank for a lot of their popularity (and most of their us popularity)

Anonymous said...

Do bands get much say in what their music is used to advertise? I only ask because the last time I heard the Fratellis' 'Henrietta', it was the backing music on a TV trailer for 'This is David Gest'. Now every time I hear that song, all I can think of is a man with a face like a kicked-in fridge door :(

Anonymous said...

"We were like, 'No fucking way'. It would have got us noticed, of course, but we'd have lost our self-respect."

Like saying no won't get them noticed, err! what self respect is that then, just more PR for an average band.


Nice site by the way.

Anonymous said...

No, James. David Gest does not have a face like a kicked in fridge door. He has a head like a lightbulb with a face drawn on it.

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