Monday, June 04, 2007

Gennaro Castaldo watch: The Zimmers

We've avoided writing about The Zimmers because the whole project has had the horrible air of one designed to patronise and marginalise older people under the guise of pretending to champion them - ha, ha, they're old and singing about dying, and they're called the Zimmers because old people can't even walk properly. But we do have to break this self-imposed censorship because Gennaro Castaldo has weighed in on the subject.

Castaldo was called in late last week to read the runes on the band's likely chart performance:

The Zimmers, who feature a singer over 90 years old, recorded the cover to show that senior citizens can still rock and Gennaro Castaldo from HMV believes it should be enough to earn them a chart hit.

"The Zimmers' cover of the Who's iconic My Generation is showing signs of a top 20 debut," Mr Castaldo said, adding that Rihanna featuring Jay-Z looked likely to hold on to the number one spot.

The Zimmers went in at 26. He knows his eggs.