Monday, June 04, 2007

Gala Bingo has won awards

How unusual. We've heard back from the the good people at Gala Bingo about Sharon Osbourne... we're just not sure we understand what they mean. We sent them this:

With regard to your current commercials for Gala Bingo featuring Sharon Osbourne.

In this morning's Sun newspaper, Sharon suggests that her reaction to someone she disagrees with is "I'll f**king tear his head off and stick it up her!".

Would this method of dispute resolution be one that you would welcome in Gala Bingo halls?

Sarah Mercer, the Groups Communications Manager at Gala Coral, has replied:
Thank you for your email in answer to your question, we pride ourselves on customer care and have won awards in this area.

Now, I've read and re-read this, and I can't understand what the reply has to do with the question. Unless Mercer is suggesting that Gala have won awards for ripping heads off people - sorry, fucking ripping heads off people?