Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ha-hard hitting

If it hadn't have been for the early chuckling away at the thought of a wife beating up her husband in Victoria Newton's column, the decision for her to splash on Posh Spice's claims that she gets what she wants with "a good old saucepan" round the head might have been unremarkable - but as James P says:

Apparently it's Domestic Violence For Laughs Week in the Sun.

In the same article, Beckham suggests that, really, she'd like to be just like the common folk:
"Sometimes I see a couple who have just finished work, sitting in their car and she has got her Barclays bank badge on and he has got his Dixons badge on and they are going home for dinner.

"Sometimes that looks so nice to me, but we all want something we don't have."

Yes, we imagine that as you fly home on your automatic goose-powered spaceship and feast on poorfolk's brains and custard, you really, really wish you could have worked eight hours hauling fridges round in a sweltering Dixons storeroom, don't you?

The funny thing is, while the couple with their name badges you're so busy patronising would probably, yes, quite like your life, they don't have much chance of getting it. But you could quite easily go and work for Dixons any time you choose. So... why don't you? If the thought of struggling and scrabbling and stress and insecurity looks so "nice" to you, why don't you go and get a proper job?