Thursday, June 21, 2007

Joss Stone likes the whip

It is, of course, hilarious that Joss Stone has issued an 11-page for rider for her appearance at the Knowsley Music Festival, but we were impressed to see that she wants Miracle Whip. Tesco have just stopped stocking this after a glorious period where it was available, and that's a bit of a shame as it's back to having to buy it imported from the US if you want it now, which is expensive and environmentally horrible.

Meanwhile, Victoria Newton is sucking her teeth:

I can reveal she will sing footie anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone after claiming: “I’m a massive Liverpool supporter.”

Sounds like a bid to win over the locals to me.

Yes, because women who grew up in the South of England can't be proper Liverpool supporters, and if they claim to be, they're probably just lying to try and win over Scousers, eh?