Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lightening the load

This is an act of genius - the worst thing about the end of each Glastobury festival is the dull taking-down of the tent, and then having to trudge back to the bus carrying it. If only you could leave it behind with a clear conscience.

Now, you can: Indeed, you're being encouraged to go home without your tent. Give Me Shelter is going to collect up donated/abandoned/unwanted tents after the festival is over, and use them to good advantage in the third world.

KT Tunstall is offering her support:

The idea has been endorsed by the singer KT Tunstall, who will be performing at Glastonbury. “Festivals have always epitomised openness, tolerance and community,” she said. “It’s great that Give Me Shelter can channel some of this vibe.”

It's not known if the cabins where people suspected of entering with forged tickets will also be sent overseas afterwards.


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