Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Moyles and the "model"

Apparently, Jordan was dropped from the running order of the Chris Moyles show yesterday morning because she turned up late and Moyles decided that he wasn't going to have her on. Because, somehow, Jordan is only a pointless disturbance at 8.15, but at 7.45 she is an adornment to any radio show:

A spokesman for Radio 1 said: “Katie was due to arrive at 7.45am and wasn’t here at 8.15am.

“We understand there can be problems with traffic and family but a full half an hour late is a long time for a live radio show.”

When it's Chris Moyles having to fill for half an hour, it is a bloody long time.
Victoria Newton has been rallying Jordan's fanbase - generally, people who would have too much time on their hands if they'd ever learned to read a clock - to Katie Price's defence:
Hundreds of you emailed in after I posted the story on my website yesterday.

MarkiSverige said: “As much as I enjoy listening to Chris every morning, I think he was a tad harsh.

“She is having a tough time with her son Harvey.”

Keepitreal58 agreed. “Chris Moyles has arrived late for his own show before and just dismissed it in his usual, arrogant way.

“I have so much respect for Katie Price.”

Tessi added: “I think Chris Moyles is acting like a complete idiot.

“He is treating people badly to up his ratings. I really do hope it backfires and people boycott him!”

"I have so much respect for Katie Price" - it's even more bemusing when the person calls themselves KeepItReal, isn't it?

It's not clear exactly what Moyles and Price were going to discuss, although the Putin government's belligerence over the missile defence shield was understood have been leading the agenda for the interview. Jordan's people have promised to leave early tomorrow to make sure she arrives on time for Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time.


eyetie said...

"It's not clear exactly what Moyles and Price were going to discuss..."

Katie "the missing Collins sister" Price has a new book out. I can't remember if it was a searing commentary on the current cult of celebrity or not.

Anonymous said...

Those people apparently emailing Newton... 'MarkiSverige'? 'Keepitreal58'? Have I missed yet another boat of popular youth culture in which people sign emails with their ridiculous Myspace/MSN screen-name, or did Newton simply lop off the first part of their email addresses to use as their names? I suppose if I was the sort of person who felt compelled to leap to the defence of Jordan, I'd appreciate the anonymity.

And couldn't Keepitreal58 have maybe come up with a more imaginative name, what with there seemingly being 57 other Keepitreals already in circulation?

Unknown said...

When I read this earlier I was thinking maybe the 58 was keepitreal's year of birth...making the comments and screenname those of a 49 year old.

eyetie said...

This is Victoria Newton's readership we're talking about so I'm guessing 58 referred to IQ.

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