Saturday, June 16, 2007

Naked Service man arrested

Services opened last night for The Faint in Omaha, climaxing with such a burst of energy that Tristan Bechet of the band threw his clothes off and ran around naked.

Unfortunately, there was an off-duty cop in the audience, who decided that penises were illegal in Nebraska, and promptly arrested Bechet. He called for back-up, which came in the shape of four on-duty cops and a blanket.

Five policemen. To arrest one nude bloke. We're not sure if that many police were needed, or that's just the average number of Omaha police who will swing by if a dispatcher puts out a message that there's a naked man needs escorting to the station.

Beceht was released on $450 bail this morning, reports Pitchfork; apparently the intention is to make him face a trial.

The number of people who were actually outraged seems to be, erm, none.