Monday, June 25, 2007

Pop's sloppy shop shock

We wouldn't take it from Jo O'Meara, and we won't take it from Iggy Pop: During part of the BBC's Glastonbury coverage, Pop started to throw the word "paki" around:

Referring to the time he appeared on music show The White Room in 1997 in a pair of see through, skin-tight trousers and without underwear, the 60-year-old used the phrase [paki shop] while impersonating a imaginary English person reacting his attire, according to the BBC spokesman.

The BBC have apologised - apparently they had three complaints, even at 1.20am on a Sunday morning - but it's really Iggy who needs to be explaining himself.


Simon said...

Odd comment from the BBC, as that wasn't the context at all - he was talking about his love of walking round Camden and visiting said shops, as indeed their own news site says. There has been speculation he was referring to packies ( and Whiley and Radcliffe didn't seem to twig anything, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Radcliffe was no stranger to such comments when he played drums for 'Skrewdriver' in the late 1970's...

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Although, to be fair, they were just a pisspoor punk outfit back then, rather than a pisspoor racist band

Pierre said...

I'm probably incredibly naive but isn't Paki just the abbreviation for Pakistanese (if that's the correct word)? I wouldn't have thought it was deemed a racist word. You hear it quite often in movies or TV shows to designate night-shops. In any case it doesn't sound racist to my foreign ears so maybe Iggy Pop used it in good faith.

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